We went to see “Wicked” on Broadway

St. Patrick’s Cathedral
30th Birthday celebration in NYC

“NYC, what is it about you?

You’re big, you’re loud, you’re tough

NYC, I go years without you

Then I can’t get enough” (musical Annie)


Sharing a meal

True Love

“We have often been told the true love consists of giving ourselves to others.  That is not entirely correct…True love is, much rather, accepting that you are dependent on the other, expecting something from him.  The best I can give somebody is not myself, but enabling him to become a giver.” -David J. Bosch

Countdown to Cape Town

Countdown to Cape Town: 10 days

In ten days we will see 4000 evangelical leaders and thinkers from 200 nations gather in Cape Town, South Africa for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.  Thousands of others will participate virtually- online and through other digital technology through Global Link.

To put it simply, Lausanne Congress, started by Billy Graham in 1974, is a worldwide movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.  The primary aim of the Congress is to call the global church to wrestle with the challenges we face and to call the church to a fresh proclamation of the gospel, so that we might be better equipped in every aspect of society.  The first congress was in 1974 in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The second was in 1989 in Manila, Philippines.  The third will take place this month.

Christianity Today writes “The Lausanne movement’s third global gathering will feature a .younger, more ethnically diverse, and more geographically varied consortium of evangelical leaders than ever before.” (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2010/september/34.66.html).  Planners have made sure that 55 percent of the participants are under age 50.

African and European. Latin American and Central Asian.  Men and women.  30 years old and 75 years old.  Nationals and expats.  Local and global.  A wide variety of ministries.  Word and deed together.  China is one of the largest delegations to be represented, which if indeed can be worked out will be historic.

People will come together.  Discuss.  Listen.  Think.  Be Challenged.  Engage.  Partner. Walk away different from the way we entered.

Be part of the conversation.  Go to www.lausanne.org/conversation and plug in.  Whether your an actual participant in Cape Town doesn’t matter.  Just be part of the conversation.

I have been given the privilege of being able to go and participate in this event.  My plane leaves on Wednesday, the 13th.  Recently I’ve gotten very anxious about going, mostly because I think these people with me in Cape Town will be way out of my league.  But I was reminded today that this isn’t about me.  It’s not about me at all.  My heartfelt, honest prayer before God is this, “take me and use me, make me a good steward of the opportunity you have given me, and may the words of my mouth and meditations of my heart be pleasing to you.”

Ten days.  If at anytime the enemy wanted to work, this is his time.  In fact, he already has.  Be on your knees with us.  Ask the Spirit to intervene deeply for such a time as this.

I look forward to seeing how God will work.  If nothing else than to celebrate the fact that He allows us to walk in step beside Him as He impacts the world with His truth and grace.  We get to play a part.

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog!  Please read “My Story” to understand the purposes and desires for this blog.  Much of it is still under construction, so please come back in a few days to see improvements.  I hope that this is not just another blog that conveys the illusion that everyone in the world is dying to know what I am doing day in and day out.  Rather, I hope this blog will challenge you and maybe touch your heart with stories of ordinary people, cultures, and worldviews, all while grappling with age-old questions of what this world is about and what we are to bring to it.  I invite you on my journey to “the places in between.”

Michelle Sessoms