Michelle’s Favorite China Moments #10 (Divinely Ordained Encounters)

This month I am doing a series on my favorite China moments over the past decade.  This is the last one from the list.  

Previously I said that these were in no particular order.  However, I can say that this one is my favorite 🙂

Divinely Ordained Encounters

There are just moments when you realize that the Father knows EXACTLY where you are.  And these moments can only come from Him.  Vincent , one of our student leaders in our family group, graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in June and then went to get his Masters in Chicago.  I was on a short break in the States visiting friends in northern California just before Christmas.  My plane was cancelled and then delayed and then cancelled again.  Rather than be stuck in the airport waiting for my next plane, I made my way into San Francisco city for a few hours.  I meandered my way through the streets with no destination or agenda in mind.  And there during one of the busiest seasons of the year, in a city that neither of us called home, in the most random of souvenir shops, there was my brother Vincent!  Words cannot express my joy in seeing him.

You can read the complete story in a previous post here.


A few years later I was in Beijing at one of the subway stops, one I don’t normally frequent.  And there in the middle of one of the most populous cities in the world in a random subway stop was my teacher from Kashgar—three years after and two thousand miles away from where we last parted!


Divine appointments that only the Father could arrange.  That could leave me smiling for days and weeks on end!


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