Michelle’s Favorite China Moments (Series)

End of my second year in China. My team got me a Mahjiang set and table for my birthday.

Almost ten years ago I came to China for the very first time. We got on board never really knowing what it would hold, but trusting that the One who goes before did. Our destination was China. We had hopes and aspirations. We dared to imagine that God would do great things. We had our faith stretched and our hearts broken for the things of the Father. We were constantly given reminders of what in the world this is all about.

These past ten years have taken me places I never imagined when I first set out. I have learned much from my time here and I have loved fiercely in this place.

And after a decade in China it’s time to move on.

Recently I have been looking back and remembering. I decided to make a list of my top favorite moments here in China over the past ten years. What began as a simple list turned into a short book. It is this that I share with you.

Over the next few days and weeks as I close this chapter in my life I will be chronicling these stories in this blog series. So, come back every few days to check out the latest in this series!
Some accounts are funny, some are serious, and some are simply “someday this will make a great story for people back home” moments. 🙂 I hope they make you laugh and cry and think and discuss. I hope you will come with me to remember these amazing days.


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