After several weeks of traveling…months, really…I am still here.  “Here” as in back in Beijing.

At the beginning of December I flew home to North Carolina to spend 6 weeks there.  I visited my brother in New York City and saw college friends in Chicago for New Years.  Most of the time, though, was at home. Four of the six weeks I was very sick with bronchitis.  I don’t think I have ever been that sick in my life.  Many nights were spent sleeping in a Lazy-boy chair because I was coughing so violently.  A lot of things I wanted to do had to be put on hold.  I think it was God’s invitation to stop and rest- and when I wouldn’t He did it for me.

On my last Sunday at home my entire fellowship interceded for me, knowing I was going to be doing a lot of traveling over the next several weeks with a very low immune system at present.  Each time I had been in these climates previously I’ve gotten very sick with some sort of stomach ailment.  Knowing my body was at an all-time low I knew I was vulnerable.  I was grateful when I had so many people coming up to me that morning and say they were thinking of me specifically during my journeys.

I made my way to Thailand (with a 6-hour pit stop at my apartment in Beijing to unpack and repack for warmer climates).  I was in Thailand for two weeks for the annual conference of my organization, along with leadership meetings and hanging out with friends.  Following my time in Thailand I went on to India with a different organization.  Over a two-week period in India I was in four cities.  Internet connection was minimal, but I still managed to blog from time to time (on a different site-  I still continue to blog from that site to share reflections from the time in India and to encourage dialogue about the issues wrestled within.  Feel free to visit there.

Except for a few sniffles here and there, not once in the entire time of international travel (after my fellowship interceded and I left the States) did I get sick.  Not once.  Praise be to the One who Answers when we ask!

Back in Beijing, I am unpacking and catching up on emails.  I prepare myself to go back to work tomorrow (the formal work of 9-5 hours, even though I have been working nonstop while “on break”).  Hi ho.  Hi ho.

Seriously, this is a great start to a new season!


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