Season of Birthdays

My neighbor and colleague Sam celebrated his 57th birthday on Saturday.  The mathematics-lover on our floor joked that 5 and 7 are both prime numbers, so Sam must be at the “prime” of his life! 🙂  All birthday games should be related to prime numbers 🙂

This month has been a season of birthdays around these parts. Even my own family is about to embark on its own continuous birthday party that goes on from September until about February (I’m the only odd duck whose birthday is in the summer).  I love birthdays!  Part of it has to do with the fact that I grew up in a family that made birthdays special.  Not overly extravagant each year, but special.  Extra special on the big years- such as taking the whole family to NYC to see “Wicked” for my 30th.  I hear of adults who dislike birthdays because they never really celebrated birthdays in their families when they were kids.  And that’s just sad.

Here is my thinking: If it’s your birthday, it’s your opportunity to serve ME by allowing me to celebrate YOU.

I’m thinking back to various birthdays over the past couple of years.  I am by no means a professional party planner/cake decorator, or even particularly creative, but I sure have FUN in the creating!  Here are just a few of my favorite birthday celebrations over the past few years.

Josiah’s Superhero party- explaining the rules (picture by Kat)

Pin the Spider on the web– no peeking! (picture by Kat)

Still on the superhero theme– tie up the “villain” with TP! (picture by Kat)

Sarah’s Pink and Purple Party- the ladies!

Team Hengyang gives me a mahjong set and table for my 24th!  🙂 🙂

Jennifer’s “Twilight” Birthday– Bringing sexy back since 1901

Sweet Katrina’s 1st Birthday!

We love Linda!  Summer 2011

At home with the puppy!  Zorro helping me welcome my 29th!

Happy 30th Seth!  Best Decade Ever.  Came with a VIP basket with many goodies for this rockstar!  Then we went out and painted the town red!

29 individually wrapped gifts for a friend’s 29th birthday.  All inside jokes.

There was also a time when I and my teammate threw a birthday romantic dinner for two of our married friends whose birthdays were three days apart…on the roof of our building…with carpets and tables and lights and a gourmet feast…all accessible through a tiny hatch and hauled up by rope… too bad we didn’t get pictures!

Oh- and the time I threw a surprise birthday party for a friend– 4 months before his actual birthday!  A surprise indeed! 🙂

Caleb’s 4th Birthday- Car cake!!

A panda cake for the teammate! (followed by a surprise party with students!)

Celebrating my beautiful mom’s birthday WITH her…like, in the same city…for the first time in TWELVE years!  So excited!

To-the-ends-of-the-earth-kind-of-birthday!  Riding a yak…in Tibet…for my 30th!!

And, finally, the best kind of birthday of all!  Welcoming a new brother into the family!

At the end of the day…I don’t know who has more fun– me, or the birthday people!  Happy birthday dear friends!  Thanks for letting me celebrate YOU (and you for me!).


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