How Much Does God Weigh?

In the world of the internet and blogging you get connected with a whole myriad of people.  You do a random search because you want to find information about a particular topic and you chance on someone’s blog, who has a link to someone else’s blog, and so it goes.  And as you interact with these people who are linked from other people you sometimes find something particularly moving, something rather fresh.  Sometimes they challenge you to look at the world with different eyes (like Out of Ur).  Sometimes they make you laugh out loud (like the well-known “Stuff Christians Like”).  Sometimes they offend you (in “the world will hate you” kind of way).  Some will challenge you to honest dialogue across the faith divide.  Sometimes they embarrass you (“Christians” who live on extremes of conservatism and liberalism and give “Christian” a bad name).  And, sometimes they are worthy of sharing.

One blog I recently came upon is called “How Much Does God Weigh?” by a Nigerian pastor named Sammy.  In one humorous guest post in another blog Sammy compares going to the dentist with going to church.  In his own blog he writes satire about three pastors who walk into a bar (while also putting out there serious considerations).  He also makes unique posts such as this one, where he writes a letter to himself from 1999.  He challenges some things head on and makes no excuses for it.  He is refreshingly honest.  He speaks about some of the ridiculous “Christian” stuff that we do.  His sense of humor can be rather sarcastic, but it speaks truth to all of us.

Careful- you might be offended by some of the topics he raises.  You might not appreciate his sense of humor.  But, at the very least, it will make you think and evoke some kind of response.  Isn’t that what dialogue is all about?


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