Something Worth Investing In

During my time in the States I have been involved with an organization called Freedom to Lead International.  This has become something I have since become very passionate about.  The projects I’ve been given have involved the communications aspect of the organization- website development, social media, video and photography, and generally getting the word out.  This is a very exciting thing to be part of.

Here is a video I made (my first video- I’m very much an amateur at this kind of thing)- I hope you can take a few minutes to watch this, share with others, and think of ways you can get involved.

Excerpts from Freedom to Lead’s website, president, and international director:

Freedom to Lead is part of an international movement committed to developing Christ-centered leaders; that is, bringing innovative tools and passion to help story-centric leaders follow Jesus’ way of leading.  Their mission is to cultivate Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol, and song to unleash the whole Gospel in local communities.

Seventy percent of the world’s people – more than four billion of us – are story-centric learners. (UNESCO and International Mission Board). A small percentage of these are non-literate. They have to rely on the spoken word because they cannot use print. They may listen to the radio or watch television, but they are going to need the Good News through stories, proverbs, music and dance if they are going to understand it.

A much larger percentage can read and write, but they prefer swapping stories, singing with friends, going to the movies, and talking about their experiences. These people are story-centric communicators because of their cultural tradition or their personal preference.

Freedom to Lead is all about developing Christ-centered leaders among these story-centric learners wherever they are: rural pastors in India, ministry leaders in Hong Kong, and mission executives in New York City.

Our international director, Tim Brannagan, recently said this in a recent letter to our supporters– “Dr. Samuel Bandela, an Indian colleague, recently told us that the oral learners of India have been neglected since the Apostle Thomas first brought the Gospel to India. He believes that the church will thrive when these oral communities engage with the Good News. As Freedom to Lead contributes our small part in preparing these leaders for this task, please pray that God will have His way.”

Just a couple of weeks ago Freedom to Lead was in Egypt teaching a course on Integrity and Finance to Masters students at the Evangelical Seminary of Cairo.  Just one week later the protests we now see on the news broke out.  How do we represent the Body of Christ during such a time?  Pray that these students will be equipped to answer to the Hope that we have and be abel to point to the Story God invites us to be part of through Christ.

This week Freedom to Lead will be going to India to launch their North India Project. They will be meeting with 21 leaders of the Bridges Training Network February 14-18, who will then teach others in their own networks. This is a project that has been in the making for the past 18 months!  Very exciting! Pray that God will have his way for such a time as this.


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