Into the Mud

When I first came to China eight years ago there was a small group of 33 North Americans who entered with our organization at the same time.  We went through training and got our feet wet in Asia for the first time together.  We were also just beginning our graduate programs that our organization offers.  Many of those people have left China and are pursuing God’s work in other places, amazing things really.

Two of these people were Adam and Christine Jeske.  At the time I met them there in training for China work Chrissy was pregnant with their first child.  Even from the very first day I saw them as set apart.  Cool people.  Humble people.  Intelligent people.  Just people.  After two years in China they eventually moved to South Africa to work as project directors for a microfinance organization.  They have two children, Phoebe and Zeke.

Right before I ventured off to South Africa last month I picked up a copy of Christine’s recent book- Into the Mud: Inspiration for Everyday Activists- True Stories of South Africa.

(from website)-Into The Mud takes readers behind the headlines, into real stories of real people living neck-deep in some of Africa’s most difficult issues — but with hands, minds, and hearts rooted in God’s kingdom. Each of its interwoven stories and related discussion questions addresses a broader issue of missions and development, including: evangelism, literacy and education, microfinance, health services, urbanization and refugee assistance, and more.  Where the world sees despair, author Christine Jeske sees God writing stories of hope. Study groups, development students, mission teams, and everyday activists alike will be challenged by her stories to enter more deeply into the thick of life’s mud.

Go to Amazon and order a copy for yourself (about $12) or give it to someone as a gift.  You can also go directly to the Into the Mud webpage and read additional blogs and writings.

Be challenged by the stories.  I certainly was.


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