A Typical Evening

I have been doing a lot of reading lately, coming across various blogs.  My interest as of lately is reading accounts from people who were there in Cape Town with me at the Lausanne Congress.  I have been trying to capture a typical day at the Congress to get an idea for the overwhelming nature of being there.  I came across this one that, in my opinion, is a comical look at a typical day.  But spoken with such truth!  🙂  You can visit the Tall Skinny Kiwi blog yourself, or read below.

Another busy evening

Its busy here. And its really hard to sit down and blog anything because we are caught up in a whirlwind of discussions, meetings, drinks with friends and friends of friends, official meetings, “Oh you must meet this guy next to me” and “please tell me what you are doing in this country” and by the end of the night we are beyond tired. We are stupified. And then we get up early to start the next day.

Frinstance. Last night I was hanging out with Os Guinness [excuse the name drop] after our interview for Outreach Magazine and we were both immediately dragged to a large table of business people and Foundation leaders and mission leaders and young people and this young bald guy named Issac just bought pizza for our table and we ate it while he looked at our family travel blog on someone’s ipad and I’m trying to get away to this book launch for Operation World because I said I would go and I figured since I helped write parts of the book I should be there and meanwhile Oz is ALSO supposed to be somewhere else at a gathering who knows where and more people are walking by and saying hello and Bob Beltz from Walden who is showing a preview of some Narnia movie is taking off, despite being the guy who dragged me over to this table in the first place and the guy next to me tells me that the bald dude who bought the pizza is the musician from The Fray and he will open for U2 next year and I am tempted to stay longer but I need to be at the OW launch and when I get there its 11pm and the room is empty so I go off to hang out with more friends and get to bed around 1:30am.

You get the picture. Its busy. But that’s just another evening here at Cape Town.


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