Two Stories from Cape Town

Two pieces of news out of Cape Town:

After everyone had left the leaders of the Lausanne Congress met and debriefed, sharing about what went right and what went wrong, mostly celebrating with stories they had heard throughout the week.  My father was among them, so this is how I am able to relay two of those stories to you.

Story #1- At the convention center where we were having the Congress, most of the convention workers are Muslim.  Imagine all of a sudden being surrounded by 4500 Christian people from around the world.  Some of them said that they had never seen anything like this in the 25 years they had been at the convention center.  Going against everything they had been taught in their lives, some of them spoke to the kindness and genuineness of those around them and said, “We didn’t know Christians were like this!”  As a result, quite a number of them accepted Christ last week!

Story #2- Cape Town is notorious for crime.  Robberies are the norm rather than the exception.  Right behind Johannesburg.  We were always told to keep aware of our belongings because of its reputation.  On the last day of the Congress, the police had come  to the convention center because a woman had lost her purse.  The Chief of Police for the city of Cape Town was talking to one of the Congress directors and said, “we’ve never seen anything like this!  This week that you have all been here, there has been almost NO crime in the city.” !!!

There might be something to this Jesus thing, don’t you think?


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