Let God be God Here

Usually when I am angry about something I go out for a jog for about a mile around the block to let off steam.  Today I went 4 miles.  And biked some. Yeah.

The source of my anger?  Mainland Chinese brothers and sisters have been prevented by the Chinese government from attending the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town.  The prevention has taken on various forms.  While we certainly weren’t blindsided by this (“we” being workers in China, both foreign and local), we were all hoping and praying that God would make a way somehow.  The Chinese delegation sent a response that expressed a humility that I personally couldn’t demonstrate myself in the moment.

A recent connection I made today, Cody Lorance from Trinity International Baptist Mission, wrote it well in his article (click on link)–

Chinese Lausanne Delegates Issue Open Letter After Being Prevented from Attending Cape Town 2010

(if you cannot open this, let me know and I can send it to you a different way)

For more details from a more biased view read this article.

So, I ran.  Hard.

Then I came inside.  And took a shower.  And ate some pretzels.  And took a deep breath.  And then I was reminded.  I was reminded yet again of the God who is not hindered.  I am reminded of a God who is sovereign.  One who does more than we ask or imagine.  I was reminded to trust that God will use this for His glory.  We prayed for a miracle, but maybe the miracle lies in something we cannot see right now.  I’m seeking the God who can turn my anger into humility and lead me to pray for the officials, to pray against the broken systems of this world, and pray for my brothers and sisters in the midst of all this.  I know their faces, I know their names, I know their families.  Pray that doors will be open as a result of this.  Trust that God is much bigger than all of this.  It is love that conquers.  This is simply a time to come together and pray.  Just because the Chinese brothers and sisters cannot be here physically with us does not mean that they aren’t here in other ways.  They are in our thoughts.  They are part of our conversations.  They are in our prayers.  Just as we are in theirs.  Where the family of God is no man can tear asunder.  Let God be God here.


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