Here in Cape Town

I have arrived!  The very long flight down here really wasn’t that bad, certainly not as bad as I had anticipated.  My neighbors sitting next to me were Dutch.  I decided that the next language I’m going to learn is going to be Dutch.  I was delighted when they served ice cream…and pizza! on the plane.  Funny, though, that about half the passengers were going to Lausanne, too.  You know how when you see someone you just *know* that they are one of us?  🙂

My roommate and I took a walk around the city, strolling through marketplaces pretending we weren’t actually lost, meeting some new friends, having fun listening to people talk with their accents, going down to the waterfront taking pictures and eating falafel sandwiches, walking around the soccer stadium that hosted the World Cup just a few months ago, and getting ourselves situated in this beautiful unique city.  I was able to get registered and checked-in for the conference…and I am excited!!!  I even ran into an old friend of mine, Eric, who came into China at the same time as I did 8 years ago.  He is here as a volunteer. What an absolute delight and surprise to see him!

On to meeting new people and making connections!

Stay with me as I chronicle experiences, sights, and smells during this time!

And YOU- Be part of the conversation-

Note: I have pictures, but of all the wires I packed the one connecting my camera and computer was left behind- and the memory card is not compatible with my laptop without another something rather.  Darn.  Pictures to come when I return to the States- sorry!


One thought on “Here in Cape Town”

  1. Michelle, thanks for sharing your journey with us. It’s really great that you have the time to adjust to the time change, so you won’t be struggling so much during the Congress sessions. It’s nice that you are able to take the time and see the surrounding area and notice the people. So often we travel to a place and do our thing and never even acknowledge that ‘real people’ that God loves live out their lives in that location.

    Praying for you each and every day and night.

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