Journey to Cape Town

Tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon I will begin my oh-so-long journey to Cape Town (Detroit to Amsterdam to Cape Town- total flying time: 22 hours with only 1 hour- yes, 1- actually on the ground *sigh*). Airplanes give me high anxiety- mostly because my height (I’m 5’11”) makes me cramped and restless, the fact that I can never sleep, and the fact that this large piece of metal may just fall into the ocean. You’d think I’d get used to this by now with going back and forth to China frequently. You’d think. Though, I read once that more people get killed by donkeys every year than in airplane crashes. Just how one goes about being killed by a donkey remains in question, but nevertheless. Somebody else told me a relaxing technique in those moments of anxiety is, in the moment of horrible turbulence, to spend time praying for each and every person on that plane and then to hold out my hands and say, “God, whether I live or die my life is in your hands.” That’s a great place to leave your life, isn’t it? I tell you, I’ve tried that and I feel at peace simply because the focus turns to the other people rather than me and the airplane. And I can rest. Sort of. 🙂 Until that one person, while the plane is sleeping with lights out, dark, and muted sound, that one person decides to open the window shade to look at the pretty ocean and blinds all of us with the piercing sun (especially as crossing the International Dateline), disturbing us from our slumber. I will pray for him, too, that we all show him mercy. 🙂

So begins my journey to Cape Town (the physical one, at least).

See you on the other side.


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